PACIFIC TRIO - Live at Maioun do Bebop

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2003 -The PACIFIC TRIO - Frederic d'Oelsnitz, Francois Gallix & Yoann Serra - is a blast of swing and energy!.

The PACIFIC TRIO is a blast of swing and energy.
Formed just one year ago by Francois GALLIX, founder member of the " COLLECTIF MU " and creative force behind the CRESCENT JAZZ CLUB in Macon, and two young musicians from NICE, this outfit will be a force to be reckoned with in French Jazz : Frédéric d'OELSNITZ, who joined for a certain time MAGMA, began his piano career with a full classical training before being drawn to jazz, and Yoann SERRA, young drum prodigy, beating the skins since the age of 4, who studied jazz drumming and classical percussion at the National Conservatory in Nice from 1985 to 1995.
These guys represent the new generation of musicians, with a deep love for jazz and all other forms, emerging from this part of France. Readers will know of other such luminaries as André Ceccarelli, Barney Wilen, Jean-Marc Jafet or Richard Galliano.

Recorded live at the Maioun de Bebop, the new hip gig in Nice, this album blasts through pieces as diverse as Expression by Coltrane, I Feel Good by James Brown and various original pieces.

All told, a hot and hip piece of work, to be indulged without moderation !

THE ENCOUNTER (T. Pagano) - APACHE (G.Coleman) - FRONTIGNAN 7 et SETE 14
(F.d'Oelsnitz) - EXPRESSION (J.Coltrane) - LA MUSE DE LA DANSE (F.Gallix)
I GOT YOU " I feel good " (J. Brown-T.Wright) - MEDFIL (F.d'Oelsnitz)