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2020/2021. More than 18 months without being able to perform. This space time, this forced break, was used to conceive a new album, a collective album such as we had not made for a long time. Following the creation of a new lineup in 2020, we once again solicited compositions from musicians. Christian Vander had never made the deliberate choice to be the only composer in Magma, however no musician among the dozens who participated in this adventure had proposed a new piece in decades. After “ZËSS”, which suggested a rather dark future, this bright and resolutely optimistic new album is the result of a collective work, an “Operation Kartëhl”

In addition to the 6 new pieces of music, the album includes 2 bonus tracks: Demos from Christian Vander’s personal collection, recorded at home

Hakëhn Deïs              7:12 (Christian Vander)

Do Rïn Ïlï üss             4:38 (Hervé Aknin)

Irena Balladina           5:11 (Christian Vander)

Walömëhndêm        7:36 (Thierry Eliez)

Wiï Mëlëhn Tü         8:54 (Simon Goubert)

Dëhndë                      6:55 (Christian Vander) *


Hakëhn Deïs              6:11   (Christian Vander)

Enregistré en 1978 - Christian Vander : Piano, chant – René Garber : chant

Dëhndë                      6:38   (Christian Vander) *

Enregistré en 1978 - Piano, chant : René Garber

 *All proceeds from the copyrights will go to Fondation Initiative Autisme

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