ESKÄHL 2020 Bordeaux - Toulouse - Perpignan

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Reference AKT 19

February 29, 2020: like wild beasts, we stormed the stage of Penmarc'h, the first concert of our tour.
Then came Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Perpignan and Saint-Étienne. Every night, the band, honed like a blade, leapt at the chance for battle!
In Besançon, our momentum was thrown off by an offbeat.
ESKAHL captures the concerts of this new MAGMA and its new line-up, more vibrant than ever! Magma is there, will always be there.

And nothing – no, nothing! – will stop us!

Christian Vander, December 2, 2020.
With the approval of Kömmandeuhr ZÏ.