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Living music for those who believe in life !

Seventh Records was formed in November 1986, initially to re-issue Christian VANDER's back catalogue, but later to develop the musical output of Christian and his followers without constraints - in other words a label which would not interfere with the work and the creative freedom of the artists. 
In addition to the MAGMA re-issues we have also produced three albums by OFFERING and two by the CHRISTIAN VANDER TRIO - two groups which are continually performing in public - as well as a solo album by Christian, To Love - not to mention a teaching video - Un homme, une drums. 
In October 1991 Stella VANDER released her album d'épreuves d'amour, produced, as would be expected, by Christian VANDER, who understands StellaÍs capabilities perfectly and thus enabled her to use her talents to the full.  
Since the intent of our project is to give other artists working in a similar vein the chance for full self-expression, we have already released three albums by the drummer Simon GOUBERT, Haïti, (June 1991), Couleurs de peaux (September 93 ) et L'Encierro (October 95). 
At the same time two new albums by Patrick GAUTHIER, Sur les flots verticaux (September 1993) and Le Morse (May 1996) as well as the reissue of his first album, Bébé Godzilla (September 1994), were added to our catalogue. 
In October 1994 our label welcomed another artist : Jean-Luc CHEVALIER with his 6th album, Km 5 à Bangui. His previous album, Hommage à Jaco, was released in May 1996. 
Next it was the turn of Sophia DOMANCICH, today a pianist with L'ONJ, (french national jazz orchestra) to rejoin the label with L'Année des 13 lunes
The latest group which we are proud to welcome to the label is from Macon, COLLECTIF MU, for which we have produced two albums so far, Live au Crescent (September 1996) and Don Quichotte (September 1997). 
In September 1992 we introduced another label, AKT, which would regularly release recent live recordings or archive material. The first issue on this label was titled MAGMA Les voix (recorded live in 1992 at the Jazz Festival in the Bay of Douarnenez). 
This line-up of 12 singers and musicians appeared live and since then we have developed several projects around it : with a choir of 50 (March 1994) in the setting of the Chorus des Hauts de Seine, then with choir and symphony orchestra in close collaboration with Nathalie MARIN, the young conductor in charge of L'Ensemble Orchestral d'Isère
SEVENTH RECORDS has priority access to UNIWERIA ZEKT studios, directed by Francis LINON, where all the above-named albums were recorded. This gives us great freedom and working flexibility, which naturally reflects in the quality of the recordings. 
We take charge of all promotion with the assistance of our distributor HARMONIA MUNDI, and also in collaboration with a booking agency for live performances. 
On the seventh anniversary of SEVENTH in January 1994 we presented all the acts on the label on stage at BATACLAN, on three evenings each with more than five hours of music. 
In December 1994 Christian VANDER gave to the children, and those who are aware of their childhood, a parcel of magic in the form of the magnificent album
À tous les enfants, presented as a CD book. 
The reunion of the two drummer-pianists, Christian VANDER and Simon GOUBERT, after more than 15 years of musical collaboration gave birth to
WELCOME (a septet with two drummers, two double bass players, two saxes and one piano), which released its first album, Bienvenue, in February 1996. 
To celebrate the first 25 years of MAGMA we reunited, on the 14th and 15th October 1995 at
l'Espace Lumière d'Epinay-sur-Seine, the line-up MAGMA LES vocals accompanied in the first part of the concert by a choir of 100 children and supported by very young musicians (playing brass and percussion) directed by Gaston TAVEL. Thus more than 130 participants paid hommage to Christian VANDER's music.  A recording of this moving first section was released shortly afterwards under the title Babayaga la sorcière, with the children singing MAGMA pieces. 
SEVENTH Records has been part of the association
Les Allumés du jazz, subsidised by the Ministry of Culture. 
A good number of projects are currently under way and will be released as the artists complete their individual projects. Hopefully appearing in 1998 will be: 
    - OFFERING Live Au Theatre Dejazet 1987 
    - MAGMA Les Simples 
    - Les Cygnes et Les Corbeaux de Christian VANDER 
    - A new album from Simon GOUBERT 
    - The first album from the Laurent FICKELSON sextet 

The site has been open since 15th March 1998 to visitors from far and wide who wish to hear living music.


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