Born in Rennes in 1960 he began studying the piano at the age of 3. He discovered the drums on the 4th February 1970, when Kenny Clarke played a concert in his home town.
He studied percussion, first at the Conservatory in Rennes, then, from the beginning of 1976 with Sylvio GUALDA at the Conservatory in VERSAILLES. He studied harmony, and won his spurs as a percussionist playing with ORTF's l'Ensemble Polyphonique, conducted by Charles RAVIER.
However he also spent his nights in jazz clubs, notably RIVERBOP, where he was able to sit in, thanks to Aldo ROMANO, Jacques THOLLOT, Bernard LUBAT and Christian VANDER.
In 1979 - 80 he played in the quartet lead by guitarist Philip PETIT, along with Emmanuel BEX and Dominique LEMERLE.
In 1981 he formed his first group, with Dominique LEMERLE and Eric BARRET. The year following, he founded, along with Arrigo LORENZI and the pianist Jean Claude LUBIN, the group SPIRAL, which played in the pure Coltrane tradition. Between 1982 and 1987 he also played keyboards in Christian VANDER's OFFERING, which he rejoined in 1992, to work with Les Voix de MAGMA.
With his growing reputation he was often called to accompany such notables as Steve GROSSMAN, Michel GRAILLIER, Alby CULLAZ, Francis LOCKWOOD, Kim PARKER, Sonny FORTUNE, Andy LAVERNE, René URTREGER, Alain JEAN-MARIE, Michel BENITA, Rick MARGITZA, Christian ESCOUDE, Riccardo DEL FRA, Dave LIEBMAN, Harold DANKO, Joackim KUHN, Eric LE LANN, Jean François JENNY CLARKE...
In 1987 Simon GOUBERT formed a sextet, which he reduced to a quintet in 1989.
In 1991 he recorded his first album "Haïti" with: Jean Michel COUCHET, Laurent FICKELSON, Stéphane PERSIANI, and as guest star, Steve GROSSMAN.
He brought out his second album, Couleurs de peaux, in 1993. On 17th November 1995 he released his third album, L'Encierro.
Since 1994 Christian VANDER and Simon GOUBERT have co-directed WELCOME, with a line-up comprised of two drummers, two double bass players, two saxophonists and piano. An album by this group has been released under the title Bienvenue


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