Born in Paris on the 27th February 1953.
After studying Philosophy at the faculty of Nanterre under the influence of thinkers such as Gilles Deleuze and Jean Francois Lyotard
, Patrick GAUTHIER décide de se consacrer entièrement à la musique
Parallel with his studies on the piano and his discovery of the Baroque Masters and the early impressionists, he studied orchestration and classical harmony with the composer Roland CREUSE and the Ondes Martenots with Jeanne LORIOD.
His first contacts with the world of electro-acoustic music lead him to analogue synthesis, then to music computing, which he uses primarily today.
On stage, he was part of the adventure which is MAGMA.
Furthermore he was part of ALIEN, a group with three pianists which joined together Benoit WIDEMANN, Jean-Pierre FOUQUEY, Dominique BERTRAM and Christian VANDER. He also had the pleasure of playing with Aldo ROMANO.

He has also worked closely with Richard PINHAS since the founding of the group HELDON and today works with him on many different musical projects.
He has composed for and with Jacques HIGELIN, with whom he also plays on stage.

In 1981 his first album Bébé Godzilla was given a rapturous welcome.

He played with Bernard PAGANOTTI in 1976 in the group WEIDORJE.

It is with BernardÍs son, Antoine PAGANOTTI, that he recorded his 1993 album Sur les flots verticaux, also notable for the help of Pierre MARCAULT and Stella Vander.

His latest album, Le Morse, appeared in May 1996


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