Our company

Founded in 1987, Seventh Records is producing and distributing music via the general public network and Internet.

Seventh Records was created initially to re-issue MAGMA an Christian VANDER's back catalogue, but later to develop the musical output of Christian and his followers without constraints - in other words a label which would not interfere with the work and the creative freedom of the artists.  

Since the intent of our project is to give other artists working in a similar vein the chance for full self-expression, we have already released more than 30 albums on top of the Magma, Offering or Christian Vander solo work.

In September 1992 we introduced another label, AKT, which would regularly release recent live recordings or archive material.

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of SEVENTH in January 1994, we presented all the acts of the label on stage at the BATACLAN, on three evenings, more than five hours of music every night.  

SEVENTH RECORDS has priority access to UNIWERIA ZEKT studios, directed by Francis LINON, where all the above-named albums were recorded. This gives us great freedom and working flexibility, which naturally reflects in the quality of the recordings. 
We take charge of all promotion with the assistance of our distributor, and also in collaboration with a booking agency for live performances.  

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