Christian Vander TO LOVE Remastered digipack edition

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Reference SR A3

In may 2009, For the first time ever, Christian Vander will perform alone on stage in France and Japan. Seventh Records takes this opportunity to reissue the album TO LOVE, which has been remastered,in a digipack sleeve.

For some people, Vander’s name is always and uniquely associated with "Magma". The drummer’s musical journey has lead him from the craziest impulses to the search for purity, for the essence of music as it springs out, reverential, bare , recorded at its moment of creation.
(Jazz Hot)
With "To Love", you discover the roots of Magma and of all its musical adventures. After all these years, there can be no further doubt about the sincerity and the authentic genius of this self-taught musician, who emerges quite alone from a widespread musical nothingness. An uncompromising, arid album, a music of monastic purity which, as it were, in front of our faces, succeeds in reproducing that unique sensation that is the birth of an oeuvre.
(Rock & Folk)