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Reference EX 10

Passion, urgency, energy, gorgeous melodies and creative lyrics, served by a sharp voice that sometimes reminds you of Peter Hammill's. Here are some of the attributes of Marcus.

Add to this the fact that Marcus plays all the instruments, great multi-layered drumming, incisive guitar riffs, melodic keyboards and you have the foundation for a serious talent to pay attention to. Catch 22 has the energy of pure rock and incorporates complex melodic structures veering sometimes towards pop, folk, even east-Indian music. Marcus's voice will grab you. His songs are not the kind that you easily forget. They will catch you off-guard, carry you into a passionate universe and sweep you off the floor. Don't just take my word for it, listen to "We are life and love" with its burning urgency, "Skyzophrenia" or "A boxful of eyes" with their fantastic lyrics just to name 3 titles from an album that you will play again and again, every time an opportunity to discover something new.