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“Shreds of Tales”: short stories about "normal" people living "normal" lives. According to them at least…

Come to think of it, what exactly might Grit be, other than a strong personal skill to cultivate and grow?

Showing some grit has as much to do with perseverance and inner determination as it does with thrusting straight ahead,

reaching for goals with serious power. Grit is an interesting mix of passion, investment and hard work. Unsurprisingly,

all four members of GRIT, the band, are all about persistence, rhythm. They’re tenacious musicians and would rather open

doors than close them, but don’t mind kicking them open if needed. They’ve chosen the kind of rock that comes with abrupt edges, but they’re just as happy to drag their shoes in the sand, drawing poetic and fierce contours around their world.

The band has proven to be as energetic on stage as they are on record through headline tours in France, Switzerland, and Belgium, and a few support opportunities for the legendary Status Quo, Switchfoot, Hoobastank or Welshly Arms.

"Divided by one" video clip here;

"Others" video clip here: