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Reference EX 13

FREE HUMAN ZOO opens a new chapter in its history by breaking free on an all-out hybridization of genres. After releasing “Aïki Dõ RéMy” in 2014, the band’s new record is invigorating, introspective, unexpected, impressionistic and full of powerful energy.

“FREEDOM, NOW!” yearns for blending and going beyond norms. Its crisscrossing inspirations bounce off each other with a clear goal: emancipation.

“FREEDOM, NOW!” calls for the reconciliation of Men and the Earth. It is as urgent as a scream in the desert of hungry hearts, as pressing as the hope for restored balance. It is the union of instinct and intellect, the rise of an Animan or Manimal, free and aware, protecting a delicate universe which never ceases to amaze and to fire up listeners.

A liberating and multicolored instrumental adventure… A trip you must throw yourself into at once…

More information here:odusseiaasso.wixsite.com/freehumanzoo/discographie