Stella VANDER was born on December 12th 1950 in Paris.
Like every daughter of a good bourgeois family she studied piano but preferred to pass her time playing jazz and r'n'b themes by ear rather than practise classical technique.

Although still very young she became involved with show business at the height of the beat boom and, at the age of 13 and still at school, she recorded her first single under the name STELLA in 1963.
Her little career went very well with records reaching the charts, and so on..... but at age 16 she realised that the showbiz milieu provided a facile and superficial view of life which did not correspond to the musicianÍs life as she imagined it.
She quit recording after a dozen singles but continued playing music, working in various groups where she played sang and played guitar, flute and piano.
She worked with Christian VANDER in MAGMA from 1969 and later OFFERING, in which she was a soloist.
In 1991 she took time out to make a solo album, d'épreuves d'amour, her first since her teenage years.
She also plays in the Lydia DOMANCICH quartet with Pierre MARCAULT and Bertrand BINET and worked on two of the pianists albums, CHAMBRE 13 and REGARDS.
She founded SEVENTH Records with Francis LINON in 1987, as the focus for concerts, recording and production for all of the artists on the label.


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