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Mythes et légendes
35 ans de Musique
Vol. 2

May 2005 Magma took over Paris venue ‘The Triton' for 4 weeks with an ambitious, over the top project – a retrospective of 35 years of Magma music showcasing some of the best known pieces from the years 1970 to the present.

Celebrity guests such as Klaus Blasquiz, Jannick Top or Benoit Widemann, not to mention many young talented musicians, gave their all to play this unique music with the passion and fervour that it demands.

These 4 sell out weeks were, without any shadow of doubt, a major success which more than paid back the enormous amount of effort needed to get these 8 hours of music into full focus.

This second week was The Maximum Event, re-uniting the two great juggernauts Christian Vander and Jannick Top. Thus a complete new generation, too young to hear these mythical masters first time round, was able to get to know them, to experience the magic they make, and to taste the pleasure they had in playing together again. If there is one DVD missing from your collection, this is it. Not to be missed under any circumstances, à vie, à mort et après...


Recorded May 2005, 21th.

DVD multi-region – 138 mn - PAL or NTSC - PCM stereo - 16/9 compatible 4/3
Mythes & légendes – Vol2 – ref. VD5N/VD5P - Zeuhl price 28 €


Stella Vander : vocals, percussions
Antoine Paganotti  : vocals
Himiko Paganotti  : vocals
Isabelle Feuillebois  : vocals
James Mac Gaw : guitar
Emmanuel Borghi : Fender, keyboards
Frédéric d'Oelsnitz  : Fender, keyboards
Philippe Bussonnet : bass, piccolo bass
Jannick Top  : bass
Christian Vander : drums

Sound mixing : Francis LINON - Realisation : Marc SALAMA

© Seventh Records - November 2006

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