Rïah Sahïltaahk


RÏAH SAHÏLTAAHK is the name of the Kobaïan who left after all the others, despite their disapproval. He thought he was better than anyone else and he was sure he could convert Kobaïa’s enemies to the Kobaïan spirit. But he failed and left alone for Kobaïa.

On the symbolic stop-over planet, Malaria, he has to face the raging elements he thinks he can dominate. With his ship almost sunk, he ends up begging them… to no avail. He will disappear. Drowned, swept away by the frenzied elements.

After the noise… silence.

At dawn, only a finally calmed remains, enlightened by the soft beams of the sun in this new day.

Zëbëhn Straïn dëh Geustaah


The original version of RÏAH SAHÏLTAAHK was recorded in 1971 and appears on the album 1001°C. At the time, Christian Vander, the composer, wasn’t satisfied with the arrangement written by the band. This new version is completely revamped and adapted to the current ensemble and its lyrical voices, it is truer to the spirit of MAGMA’s music and its unique sound!

Side A

Watseï Kobaïa (4:41)
Di Mahntër Sahïltaahk (3:00)
Süri Sï Toïdo (3:31)
Ün Zoïn Glaö (3:11)

Side B

Ïss Walomëhn Dëm (2:25)
Bradïa Ëtnah (2:24)
Mem Loïlë (3:46)
Wöleï (1:29)

Stella VANDER : voice
Isabelle FEUILLEBOIS : voice
Hervé AKNIN : voice
Benoît ALZIARY : vibraphone
James MAC GAW : guitar
Jérémie TERNOY : piano
Philippe BUSSONNET : bass
Christian VANDER : drums, voice, piano

Recorded and mixed between september 2013 and june2014 at UZ Studio by Francis LINON
Mastering : Southestern lab. Fierce Mountain, NC
Sleeve design by Gérald Nimal at Uniweriz Zekt Grafik

© Seventh Records / Jazz Village - September 2014

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