CD A27 
Laurent Fickelson

Jean-Paul Adam
saxophone alto et soprano

Yannick Rieu
saxophone ténor

Lionel Belmondo
saxophone ténor et soprano, flûte en sol

Gilles Naturel

Philippe Soirat


Under the sixth - Chair - Mr Charles - Le Kick
(Laurent Fickelson)

(Gilles Naturel)

65 bis
(Yannick Rieu)

Barde's Tale
(Jean-Paul Adam)

What can you say about a young jazz musician's first album? "Jazz musician" - already a life-style choice which suggests taking chances, seeking truths, and most of all, unrelenting personal work. This first recording, at age 35, is already ripe with tales told from life's experiences, but yet also retains the freshness and enthusiasm of a debut. The musicians playing in the Laurent Fickelson sextet know each other well and have been playing the original compositions which comprise this album for a number of years. 1998 itself was a prolific year for Laurent Fickelson, since he not only recorded ëUnder The Sixth' but also worked on albums by Simon Goubert, Lionel and Stephane Belmondo, the Olivier Rennes Quintet, the Frederic Galliano Electronic Sextet and the Gilles Torrent Quartet. To use an expression dear to musicians, ëhe's on the right track'. So jump on board....
Recorded at UNIWERÏA ZEKT Studio
 in august 1998 by Francis LINON.

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