AKT 14 - AKT 14L


Interventions de sons et percussions :

Da Zess Üntëhr Bündëhr Zëhrebrahl Mëkanïk Zeulh Wörtz Pehrkutëhr


Vous entendez à l'entrée des Korusz :
François Cahen, Jean-Pierre Lembert, Didier Lockwood, Gabriel Federow,Benoit Wideman, Jean-Pol Asseline, , Bernard Paganotti

- Pochette : UZ Grafik, réalisée par Gérald Nimal

- Mastering : Francis Linon - Studio Uniweria Zekt

- Photo recto : Patrick Thubaut


KORUSZ 1 11:25
Bourges le 29 septembre 1972
KORUSZ 2 21:20
Soissons le 11 janvier 1974
KORUSZ 3 22:30
Douai le 16 janvier 1974


KORUSZ 4 22:08
Charleroi le 15 février 1974
KORUSZ 5 24:41
Londres le 17 mars 1974
KORUSZ 6 16:22
Lille le 18 avril 1975
KORUSZ 7 1:27
Lyon le 8 avril 1975 (extrait)
studio Uniweria Zekt - soir des 13 et 14 mars 2000

Christian Vander is a remarkable musician. Apart from his work as a composer, pianist and singer, he is also one of the greatest drummers on the planet.

We have asked him to choose his best solos from the 1970s, out of all those, we have recorded. The fabric of these solos has always developed out of the threads which have joined the years together : earth, air, fire... from all these element combined - out of which arises Song itself...

Always in search of the "Ultimate Solo", Christian never thought of releasing these recordings. After some intense pressure by the team at Seventh to reconsider this decision, he is now convinced that these recordings have worn well with time.

Not that WE ever doubted they would !

We carry two versions of this CD: - the regular one, CD in a cristal box containing a "mini-poster" booklet (ref. AKT 14) - a limited edition, extended size CD-book (25cm x 14 cm) with 32 pages of texts written by Christian Vander in french an in english, illustrated by many photos (ref.AKT 14L).
You can either order the regular edition, or the limited edition, or both!!! These 3 possibilities will be offered until the limited edition is sold out.

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